For our purposes a long poem is anything over 75 lines, including sequences.

The next submissions window for Issue 16 is the month of June 2016

We recommend that you read the magazine before submitting

Submission Guidelines

  • 2 poems maximum 

  • There must be at least 75 lines of poetry (excluding line spaces)

  • Poems must be unpublished - although we will take an entire sequence where parts have been previously published

  • Ensure your poems are saved as Word doc files only
  • PLEASE NOTE -Put your name and poem title on each page of your document -and save in your own name as something like joebloggs. Happy Days doc NOT longpoem.doc or submission.doc
  • email to    mail AT longpoemmagazine DOT org DOT uk   as doc files or docx - we do not accept paper submissions or submissions sent in the body of an email
  • Only submit in the submission months - poems sent outside this time will not be kept

  • We do not accept simultaneous submissions

    The spirit of 'long' is probably more important than length  - by which we don't mean it doesn't have to be long - but it also needs substance. 

    Mimi Khalvati writes: The long poem is as much a space in which to flex one's muscles, grapple with problems, identify weaknesses, as it is to mine rich seams, give sway to obsessions and vent to narrative.

    Ask - is your poem ambitious - does it have a 'big' heart?

    LPM editors read all submissions